Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen #1 Marks Doctor Who Comics Day

It’s summer, so once again, Titan Comics has declared their own holiday. Doctor Who Comics Day is July 9. Last year, they put out a weekly crossover series featuring four Doctors. This year, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Cybermen, they’re putting out a five-part series, Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen, with an issue every two weeks. It stars the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors (plus Rose and Captain Jack) and is written by George Mann and Cavan Scott with art by Alessandro Vitti and Ivan Rodriguez.

The first issue is mostly setup, with the various doctors and their comic companions encountering challenges, until the Cybermen are revealed, once again attempting to take over the universe. It’s relatively standard, the kind of thing expected for a multi-Doctor event, but the cliffhanger is a doozy. Which is a good thing, since we’ve all gotten spoiled, and simply seeing the four modern Doctors in one story is no longer all that special. Typical of these releases, there are seven variant covers.

There are also variant covers for the other Doctor Who comic titles.

In addition, the Free Comic Book Day Doctor Who issue will be free on digital devices, and Cavan Scott and George Mann will answer fan questions via the @ComicsTitan Twitter account with hashtag #DWCD starting at 11 AM Eastern time on the 9th.

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