iZombie Gets Blu-ray Release, Season 2 Out Today

iZombie season 2

When iZombie (a wonderfully fun and suspenseful TV show) came out on DVD last fall, unlike the superhero DC TV shows, it didn’t get a Blu-ray release.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has now remedied that through its Warner Archive direct-to-consumer line. Which is a way for dedicated fans, either of the show or the format, to demonstrate their desire for the product without the company having to commit to up-front print runs or distribution. You can order through the WBShop website or online retailers such as Amazon.com (Season 1 Blu-ray, Season 2 Blu-ray). Right now, they’re all priced at $39.98 a season, with no discounts. (Another benefit to the studio — made-on-demand media doesn’t has little store competition, so little incentive to offer sales to capture customers.)

iZombie season 2

If you’re ok with DVD — the sets have the same bonus features — you can get the second season on DVD starting today. I enjoy the show a lot, and this season features Liv (Rose McIver) letting her ex, Major (Robert Buckley), in on her secret while her partner, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohl), continues to search for a cure for zombieism. The previous trial version was used on bad guy Blaine (David Anders), who’s a terrific villain to watch.

The show is based on characters created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred but on TV, the series became about Liv’s transformations into different personalities in order to solve the mystery of their deaths.

There were 19 episodes in the season, plus the set includes the 2015 Comic-Con panel and deleted scenes. If you’re new to the show, season 1 is now available on DVD at a bonus price.


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