Webcomic Pioneer Still at It: Steve Conley Launches “The Middle Age”

The Middle Age logo

Steve Conley has been making webcomics since 1998, when he launched Astounding Space Thrills. That makes him one of the early guys, out there on the digital frontier. (He’s also responsible, it turns out, for getting webcomics on the Eisner ballot in 2005.) But he’s still at it, having just launched his newest project.

The Middle Age looks to be a blend of medieval fantasy with age jokes. It’s hard to tell yet, having only one strip available, but I like the cartooning, with its retro, polished feel. It will update weekly unless a Patreon donation goal is achieved, which will mean twice weekly postings. Aren’t Sir Quimp and his baby dragon cute?

Sir Quimp from The Middle Age by Steve Conley

Sir Quimp from The Middle Age by Steve Conley

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  • James Schee

    OH wow that’s a blast from the past I had forgotten about. I remember reading the AST comics when they came out, at time I was totally against reading comics on a computer screen. (Weird to think now that I read 95% on my IPad) I remember liking it but disliking some strip it teamed with for print so much I didn’t buy for long. I’ll check out new strip and try to read AST.

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