Keith Knight Has 2 New Books

Make America Hate Again

I’m impressed by how Keith Knight has managed to continue three ongoing comic strips:

Those last two each have new books out for the summer convention season. They premiered at the just-past San Diego Comic-Con and are now available for sale at Knight’s website.

Go East, Young Fam!

Go East, Young Fam! is the seventh K Chronicles collection, following The Incredible Cuteness of Being. I admit, I didn’t read that one because so much of his current work revolves around his growing family, but I know there are plenty of people who love and can relate to the cute kid stories. This volume covers his move from the West Coast to the East.

Make America Hate Again

I’m more looking forward to Make America Hate Again, the fourth (th)ink collection. In it, he tackles “the final years of the first black U.S. presidency, and the rise of racial foolishness that came with it.” Knight doesn’t pull punches, and his insights are both frustrating and energizing.

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