DC Releases Sneak Peaks for Upcoming TV Show Seasons

New DC Comics logo 2016

DC has released promo footage, as shown at the San Diego Comic-Con just past, for almost all their comic-book-inspired TV shows. (Supergirl doesn’t have one.) Check out these highlight reel videos for reminders of what’s happening with each and what’s coming up.

First, my favorites: Lucifer (starring Tom Ellis), which is launching its second season in September on Fox, and iZombie (starring Rose McIver), going on a third (but we have to wait until midseason for it).

Before we get into the CW juggernaut, all debuting in October, here’s the Gotham teaser. Season 3 is coming in September.

Now comes The Flash (season 3, with an alternate timeline), Arrow (season 5, and it doesn’t seem like Oliver has lightened up much), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (season 2, with the Justice Society’s Rex Tyler), and even the animated Vixen (where we see plenty of guest stars Flash and Firestorm).

Which ones will you be watching?

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  • David Oakes

    I will be watching all the shows, including Supergirl. (Though Arrow and Gotham may be binged after the season is over, because there is now too much to watch in one season.)

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