Good Art and an Imaginative Story — With Balloons!

Till Her Final Breath panels

I love comics for a whole bunch of reasons, but one of them is seeing creative visions I never would have dreamed of. Take, for example, “Till Her Final Breath”, written by Greg van Eekhout and drawn by Sarah Winifred Searle. It’s about a super-skilled balloon animal competition. What a great idea for visuals!

Till Her Final Breath panels

But it’s about more than that — it’s also about generational change and creativity and aging and caring and tradition. And it’s wonderfully drawn, particularly the animals and the diversity of people.


  • marty


    Looks intriguing. Do you know when this will be released/where? I didn’t see anything posted on Amazon.

  • I’m not sure there are any release plans beyond it being available on the web, as it is now.

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