How Much of Your Work Should Be Sacred? Tips on More Efficient Work

Lars Martinson on Tonoharu

Lars Martinson has finally finished his Tonoharu trilogy. (I reviewed the first volume when it came out in 2008.) All told, it took him 13 years to make the three books, and he’s now put out a video discussing that process and some of the lessons he’s learned.

It’s great seeing an artist do a post-mortem of a significant project, particularly since his key lesson is realizing that time is a limited resource, so you need to keep that in mind when making decisions. He revisits several of the key artistic choices he made and talks about how he might do things differently now, given that he’s realized how many more projects he wants to do in his life. Time spent is not necessarily related to quality of the result, so if you can work more efficiently, maybe you want to make those style choices or artistic concessions, or at least consider the tradeoffs.

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