Defenders Trailer Released, Date Set

Defenders cast image

Although I still haven’t seen any of the individual character series (and I’d like to see at least the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage ones), this trailer did its job in getting me excited for the upcoming Defenders team-up series on Netflix.

How smart is it to have one of your characters be a lawyer? He can get in almost anywhere just by saying that.

Iron Fist looks like a weenie, which fits how dumb that casting approach was. The fact that he calls himself, not just Iron Fist, but “the Immortal Iron Fist”, is precious.

Defenders cast image

They all get descriptive phrases, but Jessica’s “smart-ass detective” is pretty redundant, given the history of that genre.

I watched Sigourney Weaver play top bad guy in the little-seen Vamps, and I liked it, so this should be good too.

All eight episodes will be available August 18.

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