Watch Adam West on Powerless for a Limited Time

Powerless logo

When NBC cancelled superhero sitcom Powerless, they did so with some episodes left unaired. One of those featured an appearance by the recently departed Adam West.

Now DC has posted that episode, “Win, Luthor, Draw”, to its YouTube channel for a limited time.

In this episode, the city is being attacked by evil aliens, and they destroy Emily (Vanessa Hudgens)’s new condo, leaving her homeless and without savings. Plus, her boss Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk) tries to become the Flash. There’s also a passing mention of Skartaris (from The Warlord).

West first appears in the scene beginning at 4:24, where he plays the Chairman of Wayne Industries, visiting from Gotham to sell the unit to LexCorp. If you only want to watch him, skip from his appearance in the scene ending 11:20 to his brief return at 21:09.

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