Top Shelf to Publish Carolyn Nowak, Ignatz Winner

Radishes by Carolyn Nowak

Leigh Walton, Marketing Director for Top Shelf, tweeted the following, captured from Publishers Weekly:

Which says Top Shelf will be publishing Carolyn Nowak‘s debut comics collection Girl Town in fall 2018. Nowak won the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Story this year with her “Diana’s Electric Tongue”. Last year she won the Outstanding Minicomic Ignatz for “Radishes”, which will be reprinted in the collection. (Both “Radishes” and “Girl Town” can be read at her site.) I’m thrilled to hear her work will have a wider audience, and this publisher seems like a great match.

Radishes by Carolyn Nowak

The self-published edition of Radishes by Carolyn Nowak

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