A Particularly Timely Panel From Bombshells United

Bombshells United #6 panel by Luciano Vecchio

The panel below is from Bombshells United #6 (digital version), art by Luciano Vecchio, written by Marguerite Bennett. The story involves Wonder Woman vs. Clayface, who represents “land and blood” bigots. I thought this statement,

My shame is that I could not know compassion for those unlike me… not unless I saw what they saw, felt what they felt, and beheld it through their eyes.

spoken here by the reformed Baroness Paula von Gunther, was particularly timely. Although set in an alternate world during the 1940s, it reminded me of those people who, for example, don’t think sexism is a problem until they have a daughter and see problems affecting those they care about. That lack of empathy, the inability to consider how others might feel without having personal investment, is a challenge these days, and I appreciated seeing it called out in a comic as a problem.

I was also impressed, in this story so far, that someone found a way to update Dawnstar, a 1970s-era Legion of Super-Heroes member who read as a Native American caricature dressed in buckskin with “star tracking” powers, in a way that was true to the original without being quite so limited.

Bombshells United #6 panel by Luciano Vecchio

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