Wahoo Morris Returns Via Kickstarter

More than ten years ago, Craig A. Taillefer created an intriguing comic about a struggling band and their new vocalist, who had some literal magic going on. Wahoo Morris (the band and the book) put out four issues, and just on a cliffhanger, stopped publishing as the print industry changed and the comic market exploded, making it hard for a charming little indy to get traction. It had amazing art, though, with some clever techniques to capture music on the page, and characters I wanted to spend more time with.

Since then, he has been serializing online and putting out digital issues. Now — and you’re not going to be surprised, because we live in an age of rediscovery and alternative funding — he hopes to complete the second print collection with a Kickstarter.

Wahoo Morris Kickstarter

Here’s his description of the “character-driven mashup of Slice-Of-Life Drama/Comedy and Urban Fantasy”:

Indie rock band Wahoo Morris is ready to hit the road to rock ‘n’ roll fame and glory. Made up of long time friends Chas on bass, Sebastien on lead guitar, and Arnie on drums, the fledgling group is rounded out by newcomer Alicia on lead vocals. On stage the band gels, but off-stage things aren’t going quite so smoothly. Sebastien has developed an attraction to Alicia that is not in the band’s best interest. And the band’s enigmatic new lead singer’s dabbling in the occult threatens more than their carefully laid plans for success when her powerful voice raises a long slumbering evil….

He’s got a couple of days to raise $400 to make goal, and I hope he gets there. There’s also a nice capsule history on the Kickstarter page of what happened to the series, as well as art samples.

Maybe now I’ll finally get to find out what’s happening with the mirror in Alicia’s apartment and why all her pets are so spooked! When the previous volume ended, she had just gone through the mirror…


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