Annie Goetzinger Passes Away

Annie Goetzinger

NBM, publisher of her works in English, has announced that Annie Goetzinger has passed away.

She created comics in France since the 1970s, but her first work brought to the U.S. was Girl in Dior, a fantasy biography that played to her strengths and background in fashion design.

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting her during her convention tour for that book, and she was exactly as charming as you’d hope. My copy of her work was dinged on one edge (since it had been sent through the mail as a review copy), and she wanted to be sure I had a better one, very thoughtful.

Annie Goetzinger

NBM has also published her Marie Antoinette: Phantom Queen. They will release a translation of her last book, The Provocative Colette, in August 2018.

There is much more information available, including beautiful examples of her work, at this Lambiek profile. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

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