Banana Sunday Returning in Color

I really liked Banana Sunday, the story of a girl taking three apes to school. Written by Paul Tobin (under the psuedonym, for some reason, of Root Nibot) and drawn by Colleen Coover, it was first published in 2006 from Oni Press. It was cute and funny and, as you’d expect from Coover, very well cartooned. The monkeys were adorable!

Now Oni has announced that Banana Sunday will be returning in color this coming October. It’ll be under Tobin’s name, this time, and colored by Rian Sygh. Tobin is providing a new introduction and some of Coover’s previously uncollected art will be included.

“Banana Sunday holds a special place in my heart: it was the first time my work was accessible to readers of any age; it was the first major project I made with my husband Paul Tobin; it was the first story we made after leaving our day jobs in Iowa to move to Portland to become full-time comic creators,” said Colleen Coover. “I am thrilled to have this story available again, and with such gorgeous colors by Rian Sygh, it’s even better than before!”

Update: The updated Banana Sunday can now be preordered from your local comic shop with Diamond code JUN18 1907. It’s due out October 24 with a cover price of $12.99.

Here’s the description and some preview pages. I always thought of Kirby as a brunette…

Kirby Steinberg is having a bit of trouble fitting into her new school. Sure, there’s the usual problems associated with being from “somewhere else,” but this time the new kid also happens to be the guardian for three talking primates. Chuck, the professorial orangutan. Knobby, the love-stricken spider monkey. Go-Go, the befuddled golden gorilla. These primates have learned to speak, thanks to the scientific processes of Kirby’s father. Or have they? What’s their real story? That’s what Nickels — Kirby’s new best friend and unfortunately dedicated school reporter — would like to discover. Can Kirby find time to develop a relationship with Martin, the dashing nerd? Steer clear of Skye, the high school’s #1 pillar of arrogance? Keep Knobby, Chuck, and Go-Go from causing untold catastrophes? And, above all, will Kirby be able to hide the real origin of these three simians from Nickels? Oh, probably not.

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