When Is the Black Panther DVD Coming Out?

Black Panther

As you likely know, Black Panther has been a tremendous hit, surpassing all expectations. It’s already in the top ten all-time domestic highest-grossing movie list, and it set a record for best February opening ever. We finally ended up seeing it after it had already been out a month, and even at a first-thing-in-the-morning show on Saturday, the theater was packed. So when will it be available on home video?

A release date hasn’t been announced, but release windows these days are roughly three months after theater opening date, which would put it in mid-May at the earliest. As a Disney movie, you can’t preorder it on Amazon, unless you want the digital version. (There’s something going on between the two companies; you also couldn’t preorder Thor: Ragnarok on any form of disc either when it came out last month.) However, Target, among others, has had a preorder available for a while, with no specific date listed. I placed one there, since I still feel the need to own all the superhero movies on DVD. (I’ve broken most of my collector habits except for that one. Which is why I own a two-disc special edition of Ghost Rider.)

Black Panther

This morning, I got an email from Target confirming that my preorder date was now May 15, 2018. Makes sense, matches what some of the release date sites say. However, about an hour later, I got a followup email that said the release date was September 9, 2099. That suggests to me Target wasn’t supposed to release that information and needed to back off from it.

I wouldn’t assume that May date was set yet either. Other recent Marvel movies have come out four months after their theater release date, which would put Black Panther on disc in June. All we know for sure is that there will be at least two deleted scenes included.

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