Moonstruck Ends Serialization, Moves to Book Releases

Moonstruck: Magic to Brew

This is a trend I support, since reading a good chunk of story all at once, perhaps even with a conclusion, is a much better experience for the busy adult who can’t keep straight what’s happening in serialized comics month to month. And with a fantasy story, it’s a lot easier to sink into an alternate world with a longer read.

Newsarama reports that Moonstruck, the Image Comics series by Grace Ellis and Shae Beagle about a lovestruck werewolf who works in a coffee shop, will release its second storyline as an original graphic novel.

Moonstruck: Magic to Brew

The first volume, Moonstruck: Magic to Brew, came out in March and collected the first five issues. A sixth issue was released in June. It started a new storyline about a frat holding parties enhanced with magic, and I liked it better than the first, since with the characters established, the creators could get to telling creative stories about blending supernatural elements into everyday young adult life. I found the combination of a college social group with the insular nature of fairy culture in legend a creative match. And Beagle’s art is adorable!

Issues 7, 8, and 9 have been solicited but are now canceled. Instead, volume 2, Some Enchanted Evening, will debut in February.


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