Archie Cancels Marvel Digests

Marvel Comics Digest #10

Archie’s Marvel digests, where they reprinted various Marvel comic stories in a smaller format, are ending. The Diamond Previews cancellation notices for November list Marvel Comics Digest #9, featuring X-Men and Wolverine, and Marvel Comics Digest #10, dedicated to Spider-Man, as cancelled by publisher.

Marvel Comics Digest #9

Could this be a side effect of Marvel’s deal with IDW? IDW is now putting out Marvel kids’ comics, but the difference is, Archie was reportedly strong in supermarkets (thus the digest format, which fit checkout racks), while IDW may have more reach in comic stores. Marvel has never been great at having a bookstore presence (which requires keeping books in stock instead of treating them like periodicals to sell out) or one in mass markets nor at reaching beyond the traditional comic-shop market of the white male collector.

Marvel Comics Digest #10

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