Sleepless Ends With Issue #11

Sleepless #11

I really like Sleepless, the incredible fantasy series by Sarah Vaughn and Leila del Duca. It’s got wonderful characters, an intriguing premise (what if a knight could give up sleep to better protect his princess?), strong world-building, and political intrigue that makes me want to know more.

Now comes word from del Duca that the final issue is in sight.

Issue #11 will be the last, due out January 9. She said, “The story we set out to tell was limited in length and is now reaching the end.”

Sleepless #11

Issue #8, the most recent, was out in October, and I last talked about issue #7. There’s been a collection of the first six issues, which I recommend.

I’m sorry to hear it, but I’m glad that there will be a conclusion. That’s something many comic series have trouble with, but I’m sure that this ending will be as strong as the other issues have been.

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