A New Andi Watson Is Always Worth Reading

Forest of Shadows by Andi Watson

I’m thrilled to hear that Gina Gagliano at Random House Graphic will be publishing a new Andi Watson graphic novel! I have loved everything of his I’ve read, from the early works such as Slow News Day and Breakfast After Noon to the more recent kid-focused books Glister and Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula.

Forest of Shadows, due 2020, is about a boy who “finds himself in a magical forest filled with untrustworthy creatures and spirits” when he gets lost, and he has to figure out which ones to trust. Sounds like something we all can relate to these days.


  • Simon

    If you liked BREAKFAST AFTER NOON, SLOW NEWS DAY, or DUMPED, Watson did another good GN not unlike Raymond Carver: LIVING ARRANGEMENTS.

    Unfortunately, no pub would have a B&W book about relationships, so only a French translation was released in 2016. See andiwatson.info/2016/02/26/points-de-chute/

  • Wow, I wish someone would pick that up!

  • Simon

    P.S.: His new 250-page comedy for grownups THE BOOK TOUR is only released in French from the same pub, see andiwatson.info/2019/02/16/the-tour/

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