A Kinder, Gentler Deadpool — For Two Weeks Only

Once Upon a Deadpool

I’m always fascinated when movies become so important in some way that they recut them for a wider audience. I remember, way back when, they put out a PG version of Saturday Night Fever (which I saw at the drive-in on a double bill with Grease). The latest example is Deadpool 2. Deadpool was the biggest R-rated opening weekend ever, a record broken by It and then again by Deadpool 2.

But just in time for Christmas, on Wednesday in theaters debuts Once Upon a Deadpool, a PG-13-rated version of Deadpool 2 that has a new framing sequence with Fred Savage. That’s a homage to his previous role in The Princess Bride, where as a kid he listens to the movie as a story being told.

Also, a portion of ticket sales from this new release will go to an anti-cancer charity. Here’s the trailer for the re-release:

To remind fans to buy tickets, today they released this expansion, all about standing up for Nickelback:

Once Upon a Deadpool will only be in theaters from December 12-24. Since I haven’t yet had a chance to see Deadpool 2, now I wonder, which one should I start with?

Once Upon a Deadpool


  • David Oakes

    Having seen Deadpool 2, I think it might be better if it doesn’t have to try to be R.

    (And, oh, what Amazon thinks I should watch…)

  • Jim Perreault

    I agree with David’s comment.

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