IDW Names New Leader With Company Ties

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This past summer, IDW started changing up its leadership team. The CEO and founder was replaced. The head of the entertainment arm left. Now comes news of more changes: President and Publisher Greg Goldstein is stepping down so that former Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall can return to IDW Publishing as President, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer.

Ryall “will be charged with ongoing creative expansion efforts within the company, as well as continuing to work closely with partners and licensors.” The chairman of the parent company, IDW Media Holdings, Howard Jonas, has some high expectations:

“We are thrilled to have him rejoin our senior team to accelerate IDW Publishing’s growth and success. His creative talents and relationships within the industry are unmatched so we are confident that he will thrive in this new, expanded role. We are extremely grateful for the dedication and hard work that Greg put into the company, and I am confident that he will enjoy great success with his future endeavors.”

Ryall started with IDW in 2004 as Editor-in-Chief, adding the title Chief Creative Officer in 2010. He left IDW in spring 2018 for Skybound Entertainment. There was no information provided on what Goldstein will do next… other than possibly defend himself against allegations of sexual harassment.

Ryall was at IDW for a long while and a successful run. Hopefully this will turn the financial ship around for the company.

Update note, April 2021: has taken down their article, linked above, but it has been archived here. Since then, no case has been filed, and Goldstein has stated “the story wasn’t true”. (I assume he means the allegations, not that the lawyer had been hired.) I know this because he emailed me more than once requesting this article be edited as well, while copying a lawyer and making references about reputation damage and integrity. So here’s my clarifying statement. The above was speculation and opinion, based on articles that had been posted at the time. Nothing came of it publicly.

I think this is my first experience with an attempt at a real-life memory hole.


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