Bolivar Sequel Announced

I really enjoyed Sean Rubin’s Bolivar, a charming picture book/graphic novel about a dinosaur living under the radar in New York City. Now comes word that a follow-up is coming in November 2019.

Bolivar Eats New York is labeled a Discovery Adventure, exploring New York through the food of its boroughs.

Sybil learns that Bolivar only likes corned beef sandwiches, so she informs him that he’s been missing out on one of the great attributes of New York City and its rich communities — delicacies from around the world! Knishes! Falafel! Dim Sum! And it wouldn’t be a story in the Big Apple without pizza! … Kids and parents alike search for their favorite foods, and find other sites unique to one of the greatest cities in the world!

That’s a topic I can really get into!

Bolivar Eats New York

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