Recent News and Cover Reveals for Upcoming Kids and YA Comics

Maker Comics: Draw a Comic!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing about a number of upcoming graphic novels aimed at kids and the young adult audience over at Good Comics for Kids. A bunch of well-regarded stories are getting sequels or new installments in a series.

The Witch Boy Series ContinuesThe Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag was followed by The Hidden Witch, and next comes The Midwinter Witch in November 2019. Moving away from the Halloween connection, this one features a different holiday, with a Midwinter Festival setting, magic competitions, and a family reunion.

The Midwinter Witch

Next Baby-Sitters Club Goes to the Beach — The seventh (!) entry in the series of popular graphic novel adaptations will be Boy-Crazy Stacey, about a trip to the shore. Shame it comes out in September, as it’s the definition of a “beach read”. Gale Galligan continues to illustrate.

The Baby-Sitters Club: Boy-Crazy Stacey

Kristen Gudsnuk’s Making Friends Has Sequel ComingMaking Friends was a great read that combined surviving everyday school life with magical abilities and a warning to consider one’s choices. The sequel, Making Friends: Back to the Drawing Board, is due out July 30. I’ll be glad to spend more time with these characters.

Making Friends: Back to the Drawing Board

Third Star Scouts Book Announced — I enjoyed the science fiction adventure of Mike Lawrence’s interstellar scout troop in Star Scouts and Star Scouts: The League of Lasers, but unfortunately, the third book, Star Scouts: The Invasion of the Scuttlebots, will be the last. It’s due out in November, and the premise, fighting robots that spread gossip and disguise themselves as boxes of cookies, sounds like a hoot!

Star Scouts: The Invasion of the Scuttlebots

Sunny Series Continues With Third Volume — Following Sunny Side Up and Swing It, Sunny, Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm will have Sunny Rolls the Dice in October. The third in the quasi-autobiographical series features Sunny making new friends as she plays Dungeons & Dragons.

Sunny Rolls the Dice

Next Maker Comics Cover Fan Activities — Speaking of fannish fun, First Second has announced two new Maker Comics. Maker Comics: Create a Costume! by Sarah Myer, coming in August, deals with convention cosplay, while Maker Comics: Draw a Comic! by JP Coovert, out in October, deals with what the title says. I’m curious to see if the series continues swapping between life skills (the first two covered baking and car maintenance) and entertainment.

Maker Comics: Create a Costume!

Maker Comics: Draw a Comic!

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