Click Sequel Camp Coming in April

Camp by Kayla Miller

My review of Click by Kayla Miller is up at Good Comics for Kids, but the short version is that I found it an interesting take on friendship.

Many graphic novels for kids that deal with the topic are about fitting in with a popular crowd. See, for example, Real Friends, All’s Faire in Middle School, The Altered History of Willow Sparks, or to a lesser extent, Smile. Click is different, in that Olive has plenty of friends, for different reasons — some from class, some from the bus, some from the neighborhood. When it comes to the school talent show, all the little groups form acts without her, and the story is about her finding the right role for herself. Who’s popular or not doesn’t even factor in. I thought that was a unique way to tackle the question and a perspective we don’t often see.

Camp by Kayla Miller

Miller is now bringing out a sequel, Camp. Olive and her friend Willow are off to summer camp. Olive has no problem making friends (as we saw in the first book), but Willow clings to Olive as the only person she knows. The stress of these new experiences may break up their friendship (but I bet there’s a clever solution, as in the first book).

Camp can be preordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code FEB19 1803 (paperback, $10.99) or FEB19 1804 (hardcover, $24.99). It’s due out April 24.

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