Does This Look Like a God to You?

I’m glad to see a woman writing Wonder Woman, given that this is the time where the character should be getting more attention. In my opinion, G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel) is taking some time to find her feet, but the current storyline, pitting Veronica Cale against the Amazon Princess, shows promise.

Cale, created by Greg Rucka to be Wonder Woman’s “Lex Luthor”, is a high-powered executive whose daughter was kidnapped by gods in order to blackmail her. She’s a different vision of female power, someone who can stand up to the gods and even challenge them. Her ultimate goal is to discredit Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman #64 page 19

However, the latest issue, Wonder Woman #64, has the typical problem of the art working at cross-purposes to the story. Here are the first couple of pages. The cover is by Terry and Rachel Dodson, and the interior art is by Jesus Merino and Andy Owens.

Wonder Woman #64 cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson

Wonder Woman #64 preview page

Wonder Woman #64 preview page

Capturing a god in order to punish Wonder Woman (for something that isn’t even her fault) is a potent revenge plot line, but I really don’t need to see Nemesis, the Goddess of Grudges, drawn as your typical super-babe in a metal bikini. Being charitable, it’s possible that someone was vaguely influenced by Jack Kirby’s work, but the end result is more work for the male gaze.

I was reminded that Wonder Woman is one of the titles that ships twice a month, so I’m not sure who the regular artists are or will be, or who is responsible for this character design. For me, though, it was a reason not to follow the story.

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