Arrow’s Next Season to Be Its Last

Stephen Amell in Arrow

Last month, Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow, tweeted the following:

Arrow will return for a final run of 10 episodes this Fall.

That will be the eighth season. I think it’s about time. Actually, I think it’s past time, since the show relies much too much on character trauma.

Stephen Amell in Arrow

I came to the show late, with the DVD release of the first season. The second season was a high point, adding substantial female characters to the regular cast and introducing the Flash.

By the third season, although it brought us the Atom, I was tiring of the requisite flashbacks and the grim approach. The fourth season was only interesting to me for introducing Legends of Tomorrow, my favorite superhero show for having a sense of fun and humorous adventure.

The fifth season brought in a new team, but they were all too damaged (and underdeveloped as characters), and control was more important than working together. I didn’t even bother with the sixth season, or the current, seventh, with Oliver in prison.

We know that this upcoming eighth season will feature a crossover, titled “Crisis on Infinite Earths” after the most famous ever DC mega-event. In comics, that’s what killed the original Supergirl and the Barry Allen Flash for years (but not forever), so connecting that with a final season could be dramatic.


  • James Schee

    I pretty much stopped watching it at same point as you. It just felt like it was treading water. (Flash has reached same point for me) To me the perfect end would have been season 5(I think?) ending with Ollie & Felicity leaving town to live their life together, and a team in place to take care of the city.

    News now is actress that plays Felicity isn’t even coming back for final season.

  • Wow, if true, that would definitely be a reason for me not to bother (although I would tune in for the final final episode). I really like what Emily Bett Rickards has been able to do with an often underwritten role.

    Looks like EW has confirmed it.

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