Where to Find Me at TCAF

TCAF 2019 poster by Junji Ito

It’s TCAF Time this coming weekend! If you’ll be in Toronto May 11-12, 2019, come by the Toronto Comic Arts Festival!

I will be moderating two panels:

It’s Science! in Comics (Saturday, 12:15 PM) — She blinded me… with science comics? On the contrary, graphic non-fiction is enlightening, particularly for educating young adult readers. Nothing’s as easy to understand as when we see it explained with amusing pictures. Alison Wilgus, Maki Naro, Margreet de Heer, and Mike Holmes will share how they build excitement for science in comics, whether flying machines, computer coding, vaccination, or the field of science overall.

History Through Comic Eyes (Sunday, 4 PM) — Comics are hyper-accessible not just in their making (you only need a pen and paper), but also in their reading. Visual essays and comics reporting are going a long way in helping to make complicated or nuanced histories more personal and engaging for readers. Join Andy Warner, Ellen T Crenshaw, and James Davidge as they discuss how they’re (re)tell stories from history with new comics lenses.

I’m doing something new this year as well. I’m leading a workshop on “How to Get Press for Your Comic” on Saturday at 2:30. I hope people are interested enough to show up! It’s tricky, doing programming during the middle of the show when there is so much else to do. Loyal readers, if you want to help out, suggest things in the comments that I should make sure to tell creators.


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