Viz Parent Goes After Another Type of Manga Piracy

I knew that there were a bunch of sites ripping images of manga titles out there, either scanlations or copies of the digital versions, but I hadn’t realized people were using YouTube to post videos of manga, turning the pages so you can read the whole thing by watching. I found this out because one of the big manga publishers is trying to shut it down legally.

TorrentFreak reports that Shogakukan, one of Japan’s largest publishers and one of the owners of Viz Media, has filed a DMCA subpoena

requiring YouTube to disable access to the infringing works as listed by the publisher [and] the Google-owned video platform must also hand over the personal details of several channel operators identified as LNDA, Kile Russo, Anime FightClub, and Optimistic Neko, among others.

I would find that approach to sharing content really annoying, myself, since I’m a fast reader, but when it’s more important to some people to read the content without paying for it, I guess they settle. Plus, if some of the sketchier manga pirate sites are blocked, who’s going to be able to block YouTube?

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