After Delay, Wynonna Earp Resumes Production

Wynonna Earp logo

Wynonna Earp — the TV show airing on Syfy, produced by IDW, and based on a comic series — ran into some snags earlier this year. Production was delayed on the upcoming fourth season, and speculation had it that it was due to money problems at IDW Entertainment. However, in early July, it was announced that production was greenlit to start this fall, with Season 4 airing in Summer 2020. IDW was aided by more money from Syfy as “the network made its support crystal clear by offering to pay a higher license fee for the program.” Contracts for key players were also renegotiated, and licensed merchandise is reportedly on the way. Since determined, passionate fan support has been credited with keeping the show visible, that should go over well.

While IDW still struggles financially (they lost over $1 million in their recent financial third quarter), fans will likely get more news about plans for the show after its panel at the upcoming New York Comic Con in two weeks.

(I also found it interesting, in that financial news, that the new effort from the company’s former CEO, Clover Press, is having its results consolidated with IDW Publishing, which means they’re both part of the same parent company and aren’t nearly as separate as I thought, but that has nothing to do with any TV show.)


  • James Schee

    Interesting. I haven’t read the comic or seen the show, but the ads look really interesting. Maybe worth a look?

  • It sounds like fun if you like genre mashups, since I think the show is kind of a horror Western. (The earlier issues of the comic were handicapped by typical Image busty-babe art.)

  • James Schee

    Possibly, I know I am going to try Stumptown eventually. Never read the comic, but I like the lead actress and commercials were fun.

  • I gave Stumptown a try, but I only got about 15 minutes into it before concluding it wasn’t for me. I’m looking for lighter entertainment these days, I guess.

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