Resident Alien Omnibus Great Starting Place

As one might expect when there’s a TV series on the way, Dark Horse has announced an easy way to get started with the comic book series by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse that was the source material.

Resident Alien Omnibus Volume 1 is due out August 18, 2020. It’s called Volume 1 because it reprints the first three volumes (out of five): Welcome to Earth!, The Suicide Blonde, and The Sam Hain Mystery. Presumably a second omnibus will be forthcoming if this sells well and the show goes over well.

The premise of Resident Alien is that an alien, stranded here, goes undercover as a small-town doctor but keeps being pulled into murder mysteries. For being created by Brits, there’s a great sense of the Northwestern US region that I hope carries over into the show, which stars Alan Tudyk.

Resident Alien Omnibus Volume 1

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