Mark Waid, Comics’ Renaissance Man

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Humanoids has announced that their new Publisher is Mark Waid, taking over from Fabrice Giger, who remains CEO of the company. (Giger founded the publisher in 1998 “with the goal of introducing American readers to the European masterworks by creators like Jodorowsky, Mœbius, Gimenez, and Manara”.)

Mark Waid may be best-known for his work writing DC and Marvel comics for the last several decades (with substantial, important runs on The Flash, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and JLA, among many others), but he’s also done significant work as an editor at DC, an Archie Comics writer, Editor-in-Chief at Boom! Comics, establishing the digital comic site Thrillbent, and now working with a leading publisher of European comics. Which makes him one of the widest-working creators in today’s comic industry, where many creators stick more firmly to one genre or tradition.

From the press release:

In his new role, Waid will lead the content strategy for Humanoids’ LA-based office. In addition to taking the reins as day-to-day creative lead for the company, Waid will be responsible for overseeing editorial, sales, and marketing; expanding Humanoids’ relationships within the creative community; and deepening its ties to retailers and librarians.

Yep, that’s pretty much the description of the role and a summary of the key points of running a successful comic company. Waid was previously the company’s Director of Creative Development, starting that role in late 2018. Humanoids has in recent years attempt to branch out with new imprints: “Life Drawn (a new literary imprint featuring deeply personal, powerful, and often political narratives), BIG (an all ages imprint), and H1 (a shared, superpowered universe with all new characters and stories).”

Best wishes to Mark Waid in his new role.

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