A Whole Bunch of Dollar Digital Manga This Week

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Two sales you might want to take advantage of, if you’re looking for reading material and don’t mind digital for your manga.

The first is a whole flock of first volumes for 99 cents each. 270, to be exact, from Kodansha and Vertical. (Need some ideas? Here are all my Kodansha manga reviews.) This is a great way to sample the start of a series! Sale runs through April 13.

Secondly, there’s a comiXology originals sale that includes the entire run of four Kodansha manga series:

  • You’re My Pet (14 volumes, previously published by Tokyopop as Tramps Like Us)
  • Mars (15 volumes)
  • Initial D (34 volumes)
  • The Drops of God (11 volumes – not a complete series, unlike the above)

This sale ends April 9.

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  • James Schee

    Oh wow I was just talking about Tramps Like Us, a couple of months ago with a friend. We both remembered the series but couldn’t think of the name. I don’t think I ever finished it so that might be something to look at for me.

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