More Drops of God Available Digitally

The Drops of God

Kodansha Comics has rescued The Drops of God and released new volumes, never before available in English, digitally. With last week’s update, half the series is now available.

Vertical previously put out the first four volumes of The Drops of God in print in 2011-2012 (ending with chapter 77), along with a jump-ahead volume, The Drops of God: New World (which included chapters 210-227). It’s about a competition to identify 12 outstanding wines pitting the son of a noted wine critic against the father’s selected heir. The manga, by Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto, is known for affecting actual wine prices through what they choose to recommend.

The Drops of God digital release

Kodansha released the first 11 volumes last fall as a ComiXology Original, which means they’re only available through one of the Amazon outlets, and last week, they put out another 11, so up through 22 is now available at $10.99 each (or free through Prime Reading or ComiXology Unlimited). Note that the print volumes were twice the length of the digital books, so volumes 1-8 from Kodansha roughly match the print volumes 1-4.

There are 44 volumes total in the series, and Kodansha plans to complete releasing it in English.

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