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Women Podcasting

Heidi MacDonald wrote about the economic effects of a year without conventions. There have been no big shows since C2E2 in Chicago at the end of February, and everything else has been cancelled (except for ReedPop’s New York show in October, but I can’t see that happening).

Heidi also does a convention-based podcast called “Women in a Hotel Room” that I’ve been part of. The most recent were two C2E2 episodes, found in that link above, and we also had a great chat at SPX last year.

Women Podcasting

Our latest get-together took place on video chat last night, as I, Heidi, Brigid Alverson, Deb Aoki, and special guest Leonard Sultana all talked about what we were missing and some of our history with the San Diego Comic-Con. We’re live streaming a second part tomorrow night (Saturday, July 25, 6 PM Eastern time) if you want to watch. Here’s the recording of last night:

Update: And part two is now available, with special guests John Bivens and Henry Barajas.


  • James Schee

    Was fun and interesting to watch the video! I have never been to SD, though a part of me always thought about going. I haven’t been to a con since Baltimore 2002, same year as hurricane hit it the day before.

    I would like to go to a con again, though my reasonings now would be far different than what it was back then. Then it was for latest comic news, great discounts, getting to meet some of creators who made comics I love, the travel (Heroes Con the year prior was my first time on my own and so far from home) and meeting people I only knew from online.

    Now I am used to being on my own now, don’t really care about what news was coming from the big publishers, but would love to meet again people I used to know from way back when. Plus hopefully meet a few new creators and be exposed to their work.

  • Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you like the second one.

    Your comments show what happens when people keep going to conventions — what we get out of them changes. If you go to the same show for a few years, it does become about catching up with the people you only see there. And finding and trying new things.

  • James Schee

    Just finished the second one! Very interesting to hear some talk about business side of various aspects of comics.

    The ethics of the Eisner Awards thing was very interesting, just to show how out of the loop I am (I rarely even check social media anymore) I didn’t even know about the awards were happening until I read your article about it. Some of the books sound very interesting though,I usually enjoy G Willow Wilson’s original work & Tamaki is a new name to me but her book sounds interesting, so I will have to put them on my list to try.

    I think I’m going to google other’s work, especially Deborah Aoki’s as I’m reading/watching a ton of manga/webtoons/light novels/anime currently and am curious to see if she’s covered anything I’ve seen/read plus maybe similar stuff.

    Very fun informative podcast! Are y’all gonna make this a regular thing, or was it just because there was no Comic Con?

  • It’s really up to Heidi – I know we all love chatting, but she has to manage the tech. We did talk about maybe doing some more, if we have the right topics.

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