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This is rare enough, these days, that I thought I’d make note of it.

Source Point Press has released a Call for Submissions.

I only became aware of them at this year’s C2E2 convention. They had quite the large booth, since they were local, and an old friend, Paul Storrie, had a comic, The Viking Queen: The Sleepers in Shadow, coming out through them. They’re part of a gaming company, which gives them some flexibility in surviving market ups and downs, I think.

Unfortunately, their website is not very good. I couldn’t find anything on the Viking Queen comic to link to there, although I did find some broken and outdated links. Nor could I find the submission call to link to, so I’m reprinting some of it here:

Update: A nice person from the company emailed me with the links I was looking for – turns out they were at the parent company website. Here’s The Viking Queen and more importantly, here is the call for submissions.

Source Point Press is opening comic and graphic novel submissions. Between August 15 and November 15, pitches will be considered for the 2021 release year. Whether you’re an established creator, or a new talent on the rise, Source Point Press wants to see what you can do!

“Comics is the world’s finest form of storytelling, and there is still so much room to push the envelope. Show us what you can do with comics that others cannot, or will not do. I’m especially interested in seeing new and surprising art styles that might never have graced a comic page before. That being said, we specialize in horror, sci-fi, and pulp, and that stuff is always welcome.” – Publisher Travis McIntire.

The editors would like to advise senders to avoid pitching stories about superheroes, zombies, vampires, etc., unless you’ve got a real twist on the genre. Also, please be aware that pitches for ongoing or long-form series and pitches without accompanying art are less likely to be accepted.

“I’m looking for a unique concept (or at least something skirting the edges of oversaturated genres) and a narrative that goes beyond connecting plot points and reaches for the emotions that a reader invests in. For artwork, I’m looking for sequential art with diverse layouts, dynamic designs, and detailed background work.” – Associate Editor Josh Sobek.

“I want to see comics starring interesting and diverse characters, who we can relate to as they work through real moments of growth and change. You can create the most unique and esoteric fantasy world that’s ever been in a comic, but I’m going to be looking for the humanity at the center of it.” – Associate Editor Cam Kerkau.

If you’ve submitted to Source Point Press in the past, you’ll notice that the submissions process has changed. Pitches sent via email will not be considered. If you’re interested in submitting, please do so via the online form at

There’s a lot here that makes sense. They clearly lay out what they do, in terms of preferred genres, and what’s been overdone or they’re seeing too much of. (I share the feeling that I’ve seen too many superheroes and zombies in comics these days.) Keeping pitches short at the beginning (an issue or two, not a years-long saga) is more sensible for both the opportunity and today’s market.

Of course you’re going to have an easier time if you’ve already lined up art in some fashion (do it yourself, work with a partner). I have no idea what their business model looks like, so as always, you should get business and legal advice from professionals in those areas before signing away rights and to ensure fair compensation.

Considering work from newcomers is fairly rare these days, and I admire them for being willing to wade through the pitch pile. Best of luck to them and anyone submitting!

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