Tea Dragon Series Conclusion Postponed Nine Months

The Tea Dragon Tapestry

Katie O’Neill’s gorgeous Tea Dragon Society series was scheduled to conclude with a third book, The Tea Dragon Tapestry, due out last month.

Now Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group has announced that this book will be delayed until June 2021 “over concerns it does not meet our print production standards.” Publisher James Lucas Jones said, “While we are extremely disappointed to be delaying such a highly anticipated book, it was an essential move to ensure that Katie’s gorgeous and heart-warming series finale arrived on bookshelves in a package worthy of her artistry and our high production standards.”

Sounds like a smart choice. This is a book series known for its beauty, and making sure that comes across properly in print is important.

The Tea Dragon Tapestry

I’ve read Tapestry already, since digital review copies have been out since the summer, and I liked it better than the second book in the series, The Tea Dragon Festival, which came out September 2019.

Greta is working on her craft of blacksmithing in preparation for trying to qualify for an apprenticeship to a master. Minette is coming to terms with her past through dreams. There are mentions of craft and ritual arts and creation and what they mean that I appreciated thinking about.

In my reading, the book is about finding purpose in life, and how dreams may change, and how to care for someone who’s grieving. It’s a mature work that will interact differently with the reader depending on what they bring to it and which parts speak to them. It can be preordered from Amazon.

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