Tala Ashe Doing Wizard World Virtual in January

Tala Ashe

Tala Ashe, who plays Zari (in different versions) on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, will be featured in a Wizard World virtual event in January.

The convention company has been arranging these online appearances as a way of making some kind of money in a year where people can’t gather. There’s a free live Q&A on Twitch (which I’ve never used), but there are also opportunities to pay for a private two-minute video chat or buy autographed pictures or purchase a recorded video message.

They’ve done a ton of them, with various geek-friendly show casts and celebrities. (The Twitch links on that page don’t work, but some of the panels are on their YouTube channel.)

They’re not cheap, of course. A live video chat, available on January 23, is $80; a pre-recorded video, $70; and an autograph, $60. That’s about what I’d expect at a live event, but there is a key difference now, of course. Still, you’re guaranteed a small, uninterrupted moment of their time.

The free “interactive and moderated Q&A and Legends of Tomorrow re-watch party” is on January 21 at 3pm PT / 6pm ET.

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