Free Comic Book Day for 2021

Free Comic Book Day 20th Anniversary Logo

Like so many things, Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), the national comic holiday, was skipped in 2020 (in favor of spreading the special releases out over the entire summer).

The date for 2021, in hopes that by then people can once again gather freely in large groups, has been announced as Saturday, August 14. That’s a departure from the usual “first Saturday in May” timing (based around when Marvel usually has a blockbuster film opening), but FCBD has moved in the past.

This year is special, because it’s the 20th anniversary of the event. So there’s a new (busy) logo.

Free Comic Book Day 20th Anniversary Logo

There will be up to 50 free titles (which have to be selected and approved), made up of up to twelve gold and thirty-five silver sponsor comics. They will be announced in March. But I bet DC won’t be one of them, since they aren’t carried by Diamond any more, and that distribution company runs the event.

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