Site Update: An Explanation

There are a number of reasons why posting around here is intermittent at best.

The most recent, and most frustrating, is medical. I haven’t been able to accurately read on screen since fall of last year. I thought I was just overdue to get my glasses prescription adjusted, but after several exams and lenses, I am still seeing double and fuzziness when I try to focus on text.

As someone who prides themselves on great proofreading, this is particularly annoying. I can get the general sense of things, but I can’t, for example, clearly tell an “i” from an “l” or read a serial number. And trying to focus more closely gives me headaches.

One piece of advice was to spend less time looking at screens, in case it was due to eyestrain, but that is near impossible these days, since it’s my day job, my time here, and my relaxation (as so much reading is on my iPad).

So I am still being evaluated for possible causes — the leading contenders right now are a retinal issue or binocular instability. The latter is treated through vision therapy. Given the state of our medical system, it will surprise no one to find out that that will require 2-3 months and $2500 that isn’t covered by insurance, and there’s no guarantee it will entirely solve the problem. (Thankfully, I can afford it, but that I should have to, grates.)

So forgive me for being in and out, and for being prickly at times. There are so many amazing things I want to talk about, and it’s a matter of finding the time and muddling through.


  • Eric G

    Just take care of yourself, and thank you for the update. I’ll keep checking in regularly and will enjoy it when you do post something.

  • James Schee

    Sorry to hear you going through that. Hope things work out as best as possible, I’ll be checking in and enjoying what you can do when you can.

    I’ve been having an odd issue myself. I can’t focus to read a book. I can read articles, some short online comic strips. But if I try to read a book, prose or comic/graphic novel I can’t focus on it.

    Probably just stress been having health issues lately but still odd to not be able to read. (I’ve done so my entire life since I was a kid)

  • Thank you for the good wishes, and for continuing to read the site.

    James, sorry to hear that stress is affecting you that way. It’s a difficult time for everyone, with everything going on.

  • Steven R

    Sorry to read about this, hope things get better soon.

  • Rob Lorenz

    Sorry to hear this. Wishing you a quick diagnosis and recovery.

  • Ugh, that sounds terrible. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • That sounds like such a pain. I hope you’re able to get it identified – and treated – soon!

  • Thank you all very much. I appreciate it. Let this be a lesson – don’t overdo the computer and use eye drops more often! Well, at least that’s my lesson.

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