Diamond’s Disappearing Data

I like Hope Larson’s books, so I preordered All My Friends from my local comic shop. Under Diamond code JUL21 1661, it was originally due out yesterday. The book didn’t ship. Amazon says it’s been rescheduled to next January. That’s a shame, but it makes sense — lots of publishers are having production and distribution delays.

What bothered me about the whole thing was how Diamond handled it. It’s a good thing I wasn’t relying on my Saved Items at Diamond’s Pullbox to track it, as that listing has simply disappeared. The same goes for the original Previews catalog listing. There’s no mention on the cancellation lists, either.

All My Friends cover

From a customer perspective, the Pullbox system is completely unreliable if it is possible for them to remove one of your saved items with no notice. The book has simply gone poof. When something like this happens — which, let me reiterate, will happen — they need to err on the side of notifications instead of erasures.

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