Scenes From Isolation

Scenes From Isolation cover

Cathy Guisewite is back cartooning! Scenes From Isolation is a collection of single-panel cartoons she originally put on Instagram capturing frustrations and annoyances during pandemic quarantine.

As with any book of this type, some of the recurring themes, particularly the compulsive baking and germophobia, I didn’t relate to at all. Some of the other images, though — especially unhealthy eating, too much online shopping, and having trouble focusing — perfectly captured my feelings.

Readers of her previous comic strip, Cathy, will find several of the themes familiar as well, particularly the panels about binging on chocolate or ice cream or worrying about weight gain.

My favorites were those about how easy it is to procrastinate or the issues with teleconferencing, as they were so of the times. When she shows frustration over getting dressed up for a canceled Zoom meeting, for instance, I could relate. I also liked the ones about losing track of time, but none more so than this one:

I also really felt this one:

Becoming Listless

Reading too many of these panels all at once isn’t recommended, as it’s a lot of wallowing in self-dislike and neurosis. But dipping in and out is a fun switch between “I know how that feels!” and “oh, yeah, remember that?” Preview pages can be seen at the publisher’s website. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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