What Defines a Pro?

Andi Watson - The Book Tour

The latest installment of Andi Watson’s newsletter raises a good question: How do you define a professional?

Different people have different ideas of what makes you a pro. It could simply be an attitude of taking pride in doing a good job regardless of the circumstances. It could be getting published by a proper publisher (whatever that means). It could be getting paid to do the thing full time. It could be getting paid to do the thing full time and earning a living wage. It could be being really good at something despite not being rewarded financially, and it could be a whole jumble of amorphous attitudes that change from week to week.

He also talks about the importance of discipline, the nature of inspiration, how hard it is to earn a living in comics, and how he depends on a spouse with a job. That’s the secret of many creators — and a shame for the industry — that they’re only able to do what they do because they’re supported by a loved one.

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