The Beechwood Helm

A friend turned me on to this short but gorgeous comic by Letty Wilson from the small, UK-based Quindrie Press.

Two knights, friends, are returning from a skirmish when they encounter a mysterious knight in red armor who challenges them.

The Beechwood Helm panel by Letty Wilson

That’s the panel that won me over. (It helped that I had the tiniest whiff of being reminded of Good Omens.) The resulting battle has unforeseen consequences.

The story is about obsession and friendship and memory and fear and identity. It’s surprisingly gripping — halfway through, I found myself really scared about what I thought was going to happen. Thankfully, that wasn’t how the book went on. Instead, we got a much cooler happy ending.

The Beechwood Helm

I really liked this. I found it an effective metaphor for depression and rescue. Others may see other things in it. That’s what makes it great art.

You can buy it in print or as digital.

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