Paris by Watson and Gane

I’m excited to see Image Comics reissuing Paris by Andi Watson (writer) and Simon Gane (artist).

Originally published in 2007, it’s the story of an American art student studying in Paris. She’s hired to paint the portrait of a protected English girl, and the two are instantly attracted to each other. Juliet has an annoying roommate, while Deborah is chaperoned by a very British aunt who only cares about dogs and hunting.

I think the story is more likely to find an audience now, particularly in color. Gane’s busy cityscapes are something to see. It’s a welcome portrait of a famous city being the place to discover oneself and one’s future, even if that doesn’t happen right away. The story is lightweight but classic.

Paris by Watson and Gane

The new hardcover edition promises additional artwork. Paris is due out at the end of May and can be pre-ordered now from your local comic shop with Diamond code JAN22 0156.

(I’m amused by the fact that, in my earlier paperback, all three websites listed, one each for publisher SLG, writer, and artist, no longer exist.)

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