Where’s the TCAF Website?

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I was excited to see that the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) will be returning in person this year (June 17-19, 2022). It’s one of my favorite comic shows, and I am eager to make plans.

However, that’s been difficult. At four months out, the show has recently put out calls for exhibitor registration and programming ideas, but both have been made as Facebook posts that link to Google docs. The website, which used to be at torontocomics.com, errors out. Which means no easy way to reference dates, locations, or (my big want) hotel information.

There are different people in charge of the show this year, and decisions for any event of this kind are being made with less advance planning than used to be common previously. It’s tough to wind down plans and then restart them. International travel requires time to be done economically, though. I hope more information, in a more accessible destination than Facebook, is still to come.


  • Cali

    Hi Johanna, My name is Cali and I’m TCAF’s Marketing Manager. We’re having a lot of technical issues with our old site and are currently working on a new one! Please don’t worry, we will have all necessary information available for everyone with lots of time to spare before TCAF this June. Thanks! -Cali

  • Thanks so much for commenting, Cali! I thought it might be something like that, and I look forward to seeing the info when it’s available.

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