Sue & Tai-Chan Volume 3

Sue and Tai-Chan Volume 3

One expects a cat manga to be adorable, and Sue & Tai-Chan volume 3 does not disappoint. It’s by Konami Kanata, after all, who’s well-known here for Chi’s Sweet Home, also about a kitten. This series doesn’t have the melancholy notes of a youngster missing mom that that one did, though.

Instead, it’s all about how cats behave and how fun they are to watch. It’s also printed left to right and published in soft, relaxing color, to better appeal to a wider English-speaking audience.

Sue is an elderly cat, set in her ways, and Tai-chan is a kitten, full of energy and curiosity. Sue is drawn with simple lines, while Tai-chan is fuzzy, with huge eyes, to emphasize youth and cuteness. In most of the chapters, Sue just wants a nice nap, while Tai-chan explores the world or gets into trouble.

Sue & Tai-Chan Volume 3

I absolutely loved the chapter where the two cats are basically playing Red Light Green Light as they try to sneak up on the human with a treat, freezing whenever he looks at them. I also loved the sequence where Tai-chan had to go home — but never fear, the two can’t be separated for long!

The chapter where Tai-chan has to choose between sleeping or eating, falling asleep while he’s trying to nosh, is adorable. Even the quieter chapters, as when the two cats deal with the changing seasons while trying to get warm, are lovely. There’s also a Christmas chapter for festive frivolity.

Sue & Tai-chan is beautifully cartooned and a real pleasure to read. Oh! I almost forgot to mention the chapter where Sue dreams she’s a kitten again! Something older readers can relate to, I’m sure. This series has all the enjoyment of watching cats be cats, without any of the mess.

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