2120 Choose-Your-Path Graphic Novel Out in May

2120 cover

Out in May is an intriguing graphic novel from Avery Hill Publishing. 2120 by George Wylesol is a choose-your-own-path … well, adventure doesn’t seem the right word, as you’re a computer repairman trapped in a generic office building.

You follow choices through the pages, although many of them, at least at the beginning, are very similar looking rooms and hallways. (I had a review PDF, but that is my least favorite format for these kinds of books that require jumping around pages, so I didn’t read very much of it.)

2120 sample page by George Wylesol

There’s a trailer here that gives more of an idea:

The actual book is 500 pages and billed as a “philosophical journey framed as a loving tribute to classic point and click video games.”

2120 cover

2120 can be preordered from the publisher’s website.

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