Lost Lad London Volume 2

Lost Lad London Volume 2

There’s not much progression in the solution of the mystery in this second volume of the series, but Lost Lad London volume 2 sets up more threats against Al as we learn more about the forces arrayed against him.

Al ponders the depth of the situation he’s in — framed for murder, and living in the detective’s messy house. He’s in danger, and that makes him wonder about the choices he’s made in his life. Meanwhile, Inspector Ellis, the detective, is facing off with his boss, the head of the investigation, who’s certain Al is the right suspect. We also meet the murdered mayor’s family.

Lost Lad London Volume 2

The exploration of the characters’ motivations, including accusations of racial bias, give depth to these conversations and events. Silent panels are used to set mood and show us people observing each other, often with suspicion. I particularly liked the flashback chapter showing how Ellis’ partner Yuki, also of Asian descent, came to work with him.

The growing relationship between Al and Ellis is appealing; two outsiders forced together through circumstance learn more about each other and grow their respect. I feel for them and want to see how they get out of this life-threatening situation.

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