RushOrderTees Review: Custom Tees, My New Favorite Way to Advertise My Site

Comics Worth Reading has never had a nifty logo, but my Sherlock Holmes in Comics site has a cool (imo), professionally designed (I think these two factors are related) one.

Thus, when Rush Order Tees asked if I wanted to sample their product, I jumped at the chance. Now that I have a pretty logo, I wanted to promote it. They provided some credit for me to use, and I wandered through their no minimum order section.

I am very impressed. The design studio made it easy for me to see how the logo would look on the different colors available, as well as sizing and placing the image just where I wanted it. For under $200, I got four t-shirts (various colors, you know) and a hoodie. Some of the shirts are shown here.

SherlockComics t-shirts

They’re comfy and they fit well. Best of all, shipping was FAST. I ordered shortly after Christmas, and although they didn’t promise I’d get them that soon, they arrived a week later, the day before I left for an event where it was really really convenient to wear my self-promotion gear.

The only snag I had was that I ordered the wrong hoodie size. (I ordered the same size as the women’s tees, not realizing that the hoodies were men’s sizes.) I’m likely to use my own money to replace that, given the quality and how easy it is to reorder, once they have the design.

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