Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse Reprinted

The Michael Moorcock Library: Multiverse Volume 1

Every so often, I am reminded that I have been doing this for a long while. The latest bit of nostalgia came from the announcement from Titan Comics that they will be releasing The Michael Moorcock Library: Multiverse Volume 1 on July 12.

This 160-page hardcover reprints the first six issues of Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse, which was a 12-issue series that launched in November 1997 from DC Comics’ Helix science fiction imprint.

The Michael Moorcock Library: Multiverse Volume 1

I know I read it at the time — I read pretty much everything DC put out at the time, as I worked for them around then — but I can’t tell you what I thought, other than “Walter Simonson art is always worth seeing.” Moorcock wrote it, Simonson and John Ridgway and Mark Reeve were artists, and for Moorcock fans, the blurb that

Michael Moorcock’s most celebrated characters collide in this multiversal saga! Combining three unique and separate storylines from the Eternal Champion novels into one centuries-spanning epic story! With reality under threat from the criminal mastermind, Silverskin, it is up to heroes from across Moorcock’s sprawling multiverse to maintain balance.

is probably super exciting. (Me, I just found myself wondering how many Helix titles I could remember. See the link above for a full list. And I was reminded it was awfully nice to be living in an era where things are reprinted, if you wait long enough.) The book can be preordered from your local comic shop with Diamond code FEB23 0982; its cover price is $29.99 US.


  • Eric G

    I should re-read this, I have both the original issues and the original trade. It’s great fun if you’re familiar with large chunks of Moorcock’s Eternal Champion series, but I always wondered how well it worked for anybody who hadn’t read dozens of his books already.

    Moorcock and Simonson appear as actual characters in the story, so for decades I’ve always though if I ever got to meet Simonson I would love to get a self-portrait as he appeared here as a sketch from him. He’s never shown up at a show I’ve been to, though.

  • Thanks for the informed addition! I don’t recall them being characters, so clearly I opted out early or wasn’t paying enough attention at the time. That’s a neat idea for a sketch!

  • At the time I read this, I’d only read a bunch of the Elric novels, so a lot of the other elements were really out there.

    I just kind of went with it!

  • James Schee

    I remember trying to make heads or tails of this series, I got to read everything DC was publishing at the time, and was lost. I had never read the novels or knew anything about them, but the art was really nice.

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